Web Services

  • GET /apps/{app}/datasets/{uuid}/services/ogc/{wxs} Access WxS service

    Request Parameters

    Route Parameters
    Parameter Description Type Options
    app Application alias string rgis, epscor, elseweb
    uuid Dataset identifier uuid
    wxs OGC Service Type string wms, wfs, wcs
    Query Parameters

    GSToRE uses MapServer to provide OGC services. Please see MapServer for more information regarding the required query parameters and their definitions.

    To identify which OGC services are supported for a given dataset, please refer to the dataset's service response (Get dataset description). This information can also be found in the dataset's documentation (Download dataset documentation).


    View the WMS GetCapabilities response for the 2013 Jaroso Post Fire Imagery, 32 raster dataset:



    The structure of the response varies depending on the OGC service and query parameters selected.

    Note that the WCS response is a multi-part response and should be handled accordingly.


    The OGC services have been successfully tested against QGIS 2.2 (Valmiera), ArcGIS 10.2 and gdal/ogr; however, we are aware of issues with some clients. If you are having persistent problems with the GSToRE WxS responses, please contact us so that we can work with you on a suitable solution.